Week 8

  1. FAQ script integration
  2. Troubleshooting script integration.
  3. iscsiboot for fedora.
  4. List of network drivers supported.
  5. Get the list of network drivers supported by knoppix.
  6. Improve the menu of syslinux with context help.
  7. boot ubuntu in debian way. Did not worked :-/
  8. debian ISO boot.
  9. email fedora guys.
  10. email ubuntu guys about problem.

13 July

  1. Encorporated the changes suggested by andyTim, here is the commit hash

15 July

  1. Had weekly meeting with warthog9, made plan for this week.
  2. Added script based faq.html and Trobbleshooting.html page
    1. I am still not happy with Troubbleshotting page. I feel that the content of that page should be on faq.html page

16 July

  1. Attemted to use iscsi for booting, but I need some more information before I can proceed with it.
      1. But it was confusing me a bit, It needed iscsi-module, which I could not find in /lib/modules of fedora 11 live cd.so I decided to try something else.
      2. Found link http://www.eludicate.com/~bolen/iscsi/ which looks more promising.
  2. Updated the BKO boot menu for using context sensetive help. All menues are not updated, but important one are updated. It still needs some more work.
  3. Added ubuntu target based on filesystem.squashfs instead of .iso in debian menu. So, debiean kernel and debian initramfs tries to use ubuntu filesystem.squashfs. It boots sucessfully but gets confused after some time and keeps doing same thing again and again. It keeps looping inside step Generating locales… and never completes it. bkodebian
    1. I was thinking about creating seperate initrd with run-init from ubuntu.
  4. Modified the code of ubuntu casper script to support mount filesystem.squashfs instead of .iso, this gives different error when I mount .iso. Error is run-init: nuking initramfs contents: Directory not empty

17 July

  1. Revisted the ubuntu booting issue, make some progress, but still I am not able to boot it ubuntu revisited
  2. Now I completely understand http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/ramfs-rootfs-initramfs.txt and how each and every line of this documenation is affecting me :-/

18 July

  1. Sent email to fedora-live mailing list. Lets hope that we get some help on that front.
  2. Worked mostly on booting Debian over iscsi
    1. Chose debian because the squashfs of debian works fine and there are no other problems.
    2. Also, all the kernel modules needed for iscsi initiator are inside initramfs so, less work for me. :-)
    3. No considerable success yet :-(

19 July

  1. Contiued the iscsi saga without much success, I need to add iscsi initiator into initram and get it working.
    1. I do have added it but unfortunately it is not working :-(

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