Broad plan for this week is.

  1. Make the proper git setup. – Done.
  2. Modify the setup to directly use git repositories using symbilic links. – done but only in my laptop, need to repeat it for alien and rom.
  3. Add server Address parameter to initram. – done.
  4. Suppress all warnings. – Done
  5. Use ISO insead of KNOPPIX file – Done
  6. Make Europe and US entries in DSL.
  7. Make knoppix boot over http.
  8. Send patch to knoppix guys for discussions.
  9. Get ubuntu on BKO
  10. Add documentation about how one can use BKO.

June - 15

Today I worked on getting up my repositories.

  1. Made the proper git setup. Add script changes to it.
    1. Re-created and updated the repository for gpxe code modifications. gpxe.git
    2. Created and updated the repository for code. rom-o-matic-BKO.git
    3. Created and updated the repository for BKO code. BKO.git

June - 16

  1. Created and commited a script called which will automatically create the minirt24.gz from original minirt24.gz_orig
  2. Added srv_ip parameter to booting in commit.
  3. Till now, I was mounting the root filesystem extracted directly from dsl.iso. Now I want to mount entire dsl.iso, but having trobbles because

the busybox mount does not support -o loop option and losetup is not there in busybox :-(

  1. Performance measurements for dsl DSLBKO (Note: its far from complete)

June - 17

  1. Finally fixed the problem of mounting ISO in initram commit.
    1. dsl provided mount does not support -o loop option and they dont provide losetup either.
    2. And to make my life more interesting, the busybox mount is very particular about the order in which you give parameters :-/.
  2. One more problem faced was that file mounted by httpfs is read-only and hence can't be mounted by mount -o loop command in normal modes. It has to be mounted in read-only mode with option -o loop -o ro. (Thanks Andytim for suggestion of using “dd”. It helped in locating the bug.)
  3. One more wired observation : I could not locate the the mount used by dsl by default inside minirt24.gz. I checked the static folder, but it was not there. but when I execute mount, it picks up the default “mount” which behaves quite differently than the command “busybox mount” which is working for me at end.
  4. Seperated the http mount related code into “” commit here
  5. Created seperate entries for US, EUROPE. commit here

June - 18

Spent most of the time in two things.

  1. Getting the modules, executable for 2.6.19 kernel used by knoppix. I am still trying to hunt down fuse.ko which is to be found no-where in entire ISO :-(
  2. I was also working on adding more details to BKO homepage, Added following things.
    1. FAQ for BKO.
    2. Started to write HOWTO for making BKO bootable USB.

June - 19

  1. Heard about andytim's patch for httpdisk, I was thinking, how is it going to affect me and BKO development.
  2. Came across link for HTTP-FUSE-LINUX which seems same as what I am doing. It seems that they have done little more than what we have planed. I am not sure how badly this is going to affect BKO.
  3. Problem in creation of initramfs InitramFSBKO

June - 20

  1. Finally got the Knoppix working on BKO. I have done some basic testing and it seems it is working fine. commit hash
  2. Fixed some small bugs in BKO.

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