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====== Etherboot/GPXE Wiki ====== Here you will find various information about the Etherboot Project, and a repository of useful contributions from people who use Etherboot and gPXE. ===== Documentation for Etherboot users ===== * [[scenario|A typical network boot scenario]], including explanations for new users * [[eb_imagetypes|Etherboot image types explanation]] * [[filename_specification|How to specify which boot file to load]] * [[twodhcpservers|Having more than one DHCP-server on a network]] * [[vmware|How to use Etherboot in a VMware virtual machine]] * [[vmwarebios|...using Etherboot as ROM inside VMware BIOS]] * [[burningroms|Burning ROM chips]] * [[realtek8139roms|More specific: for Realtek 8139 NICs]] * [[bootingmemdisk|Booting Memdisk]] * [[disklessdos|Diskless MS-DOS (and compatibles)]] * [[disklesswin98|Diskless Windows 98]] * [[windowsntloader|Loading Etherboot from a Windows 2000/XP NT loader]] ===== Etherboot additional features ===== Etherboot main function is to network boot a PC. Besides, there are quite some optional features that can be added by compiling them into Etherboot: * [[pxe|Using Etherboot as a PXE boot rom]] * [[pxe2ndstage|Using Etherboot as a PXE 2nd-stage-loader]] * [[multicast|Multicast protocol support (slam/tftp-multicast)]] * [[safebootmode|Experimental SafeBootMode cryptographic boot image check]] * [[aoe|ATA-over-Ethernet (experimental)]] * more to be documented... ===== Google Summer of Code ===== We are very pleased to be participating in [[ | Google's 2006 Summer of Code]] Project! * Here are [[soc|Etherboot/gPXE Ideas and Resources for Google Summer of Code]]. ===== Editing or Adding Wiki Content ===== This wiki has access control enabled. This means that you have to get a user account if you want to add or edit content. Here's how: - Click on the "Login" link at the bottom of any page. - Click on the "Register as new user" link. - Fill out the form with a username and a valid email address. This needs to be a valid email address because your password will be emailed to you. - After you receive the email message with your password, login with your username and password to make sure it works. - Send mail to marty_connor at users dot sourceforge dot net to have your account granted access to add or edit content. Please include your username in the request. - Wait for me to respond :-) - After you have been granted access, if the 'Edit' buttons still don't show up, close and re-open your browser.

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