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Many parts of the gPXE code-base include commenting for use with the Doxygen system. To build this documentation for browsing, go into gPXE src/ directory and do

make doc

You will then have the documentation available in your gpxe/src/bin/doc/ directory.

A sample build is available here.

Documentation for Etherboot

General EtherBoot Information

Putting Etherboot into ROM Chips or Motherboard BIOS

Various Booting Configurations

Etherboot as a PXE Boot ROM

Virtual Machine / Emulator Usage



Miscellaneous Topics

Using the "mknbi" Utility with Etherboot

Network Bootable Image format (NBI) is a legacy format that wraps operating system images (such as Linux kernels) in a wrapper, which makes it possible for Etherboot to load the images directly. The “mknbi” (make NBI) utility performs the wrapping operation.

NBI, Etherboot and Linux 2.6

Unfortunately, mknbi cannot be used to make a NBI of a Linux 2.6 (or newer) kernel image. If you are tied to Etherboot but need to boot a Linux 2.6 or newer kernel, wraplinux must be used to create a working NBI. Follow the link to wraplinux on to download it.

Note: This is not needed for PXE and PXELINUX booting, and is not recommended for new users. For new users, we recommend using PXELINUX

For those who need to use the NBI format, please see:

Developer Information

Driver APIs


Old stuff


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