week 9

20 July

  1. Someone from fedora mailing list suggested to use NFS instead of httpfs, and test if ext4-fs related errors do disappear or not.
  2. I will try out that, I was also considering to try NFS with ubuntu and see if it works.

21 July

- Got Fedora 11 working over NFS, all logs are on page Fedora 11 in BKO

22-23 July

Got debian working over ISCSI finally Debian over iscsi

  1. Involved hacking open-iscsi source code for getting it work

24 July

  1. Tried to used ISCSI for ubuntu, but ubuntu is still not ready to boot over network.
  2. By looking at obstacles, It seems that that it is not at all designed to boot over network.
  3. The NFS option of Ubuntu can be tried once, to see if it works.

25 July

  1. Worked on BKO configuration script, which will generate proper .conf files needed by BKO for all distributions.
  2. Configuration script is based on bash and perl.

26 July

  1. Had weekly meeting.
  2. Located the problem in Fedora 11 HTTPFS booting
    1. Now fedora 11 can be booted over http, but process is not entirely automated. Needs manual intervention for removing network and NetworkManager
    2. Located a race condition between ISO mounting and loopback mounting inside fedora booting process, fixed it by using sleep 5
  3. Fixed the Ubuntu HTTP booting problem by removing network and NetworkManager

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