Week 7

Plan for this week is,

  1. Get the GSOC mid term review paperwork done.
  2. Polish up the BKO site.
  3. Fix the Red hat problem.

6 July

  1. Worked around the BKO site to make it more presentable
  2. modified and re-organized the BKO boot time menu. Here is the commit
  3. Had weekly meeting

7 July

  1. Discovered the serious bug in BKO. Static network configuration will not work in current BKO setup.
    1. I will be documenting the problem in detail and possible solutions here
    2. Problem is solved. I am using IPAPPEND. Please refer BKOStaticIP for details.
  2. Tried my luck with fedora core again, but no success yet :( fedora11bko

8 July

  1. After breaking my head on Fedora, I decided to try something else, so I am trying debian now.
    1. Here are the more details about itBKODebian.

9 - 10 July

  1. Got the Debian working :-) BKODebian
    1. Just one small issue is that, I have to use squashfs image instead of iso image.
    2. The problem in using iso image is that, once initrd job is (almost) over, it runs /bin/run-init which is binary executable,
      1. It tries to remove initramfs filesystem.
      2. As I am mounting ISO inside initramfs, it also tries to delete this iso, and fails. with this failue the init scripts panics and stop the boot process.

11 - 12 July

  1. Could not work much because of Internet connectivity problem.
  2. Also missed the weekly meeting

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