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Week 10

TO DO List

  1. Complete the deployment script
  2. Deploy it on BKO

These are the pages and problems on which I am currently working

  1. Debian over iscsi – done :-)
  2. ubuntu in BKO – Finally it is working after removing networking and NetworkManager, only /etc/resolver.conf entry needs a fix –
  3. Fedora 11 in BKO – Able to boot indirectly after disabling networking and NetworkManager

27 July

  1. Working on deployment script.
  2. Completed the deployment script.
  3. There were small (and stupid) error which surfaced in the process of actual deployment, fixed them.
  4. Started the deployment process
  5. There was urgent need to support URL as mirror selection works at dns level.
    1. Adding /etc/resolv.conf to all the distributions with pre-configured value nameserver

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