Week 10

TO DO List

  1. Complete the deployment script
  2. Deploy it on BKO

These are the pages and problems on which I am currently working

  1. Debian over iscsi – done :-)
  2. ubuntu in BKO – Finally it is working after removing networking and NetworkManager, only /etc/resolver.conf entry needs a fix –
  3. Fedora 11 in BKO – Able to boot indirectly after disabling networking and NetworkManager

27 July

  1. Working on deployment script.
  2. Completed the deployment script.
  3. There were small (and stupid) error which surfaced in the process of actual deployment, fixed them.
  4. Started the deployment process
  5. There was urgent need to support URL as boot.kernel.org mirror selection works at dns level.
    1. Adding /etc/resolv.conf to all the distributions with pre-configured value nameserver
  6. By end of the day, only debian was properly working over BKO. knoppix was getting stuck somewhere inbetween.

28 July

  1. As mirror selection is done at DNS level, removed the entries for URL's from boot menu.
  2. added default /etc/resolv.conf to all distributions
  3. DSL is throwing following error
httpfs : getaddrinfo rom.etherboot.org - Name or service not known.
  1. About ubuntu, it is booting properly from squashfs, but ISO is not booting. Most probably I have messed up the script where selection between iso and squashfs is done

29-30 July

  1. After some debugging I agree with Warthog now that the problem indeed is long boot parameters.
  2. Worked on fixing the problem by shortening the URL names.
    1. Shortened the Directory names
    2. Shortened the ISO names
    3. moved out the pxeknife part

31 July

  1. After discussion with Warthog9, decided to revert back the old style.
  2. And the problem of long boot parameters will be solved by hardcoding the boot parameters inside initramfs.
  3. Realized the problem that we will be facing,
    1. Will need separate initramfs for all locations. (as location is hardcoded in)
    2. The change of location will trigger modification of code of all distributions :-(

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