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====== Staging tree ====== The [[|staging tree]] is used to hold contributed patches for review and merging into the [[|main gPXE tree]]. It provides a central location for collecting patches submitted via the mailing list. Most branches in the staging tree hold individual features, such as a new driver, and are referred to as "feature branches". ===== Building from the staging tree ===== You can build gPXE from any feature branch in the staging tree, if there is a particular new feature that you would like to try out. Please be aware that all code within any branch of the staging tree is **completely unsupported**, and you should use the code only if you are prepared to help debug it. ==== Building from the staging tree using git ==== If you already have a clone of the [[|main gPXE tree]], you can access the [[|staging tree]] by doing cd gpxe/src git remote add staging git:// git fetch staging git branch -r -v You should see a whole series of ''staging/feature'' branches, such as staging/3c90x 130e421 [3c90x] 3c90x driver rewrite using gPXE API staging/eepro100 92f2d8c [eepro100] Bring mdeck's eepro100 driver to staging staging/imgauto 1de3f5b [image] Added imgauto command to fetch, load, execute staging/sdsk 89f32b0 [build] Add syslinux floppy image type .sdsk staging/subxfix 5c6a1c6 [build] Fix signed/unsigned division in util/zbin.c staging/undiheader e7ce627 [romprefix] Make replacement UNDI ROM optional You can check out and build any one of these feature branches using git checkout staging/feature make where ''feature'' is the name of the feature branch that you want to try out. ==== Building from the staging tree using [[|rom-o-matic]] ==== ###### mdc - please fill in here - is it possible to build arbitrary branches via rom-o-matic? #####

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