Staging Drivers

This page is supposed to be an overview about the pending driver patches currently in the staging tree.

Waiting for review


This driver adds support for the Attansic L1E Gigabit network cards. They are used in the Asus EEEPC netbooks.

  • Contact: Joshua Oreman <oremanj at rwcr dot net>
  • Status: Waiting for further review.
  • Acked-by: Thomas Miletich <thomas.miletich at gmail dot com>
  • Rejected-by: <none>
  • Depends-on: gpxe.git/master



This patch implements the sis900_irq() function to enable the interrupts needed for Symantec Ghost.

  • Contact: Thomas Miletich <thomas.miletich at gmail dot com>
  • Status: -ready
  • Acked-by: <none>
  • Rejected-by: <none>
  • Tested-by: Hubert Mercier <hubert.mercier at unilim dot fr>
  • Depends-on: gpxe.git/master

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