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  • 24 June - Implement the UDP/IPv4 modules based on the new TX and RX datapath. The sub-tasks involved here are:
    1. Define a gPXE UDP API similar to the the gPXE TCP API
    2. Define a UDP connection
    3. Implement the API functions (working on it)
    4. Define the interface between the transport and network layers (working on it)
    5. Implement IPv4 functions: reassembly, rx_process, transmit, etc.
    6. Write a tester function
    7. Debug and test!
Milestone: we should be able to send a "hello, world" message over
UDP/IPv4/Ethernet to a listening connection and receive some response.


  • 10 July - Build TCP support into gPXE. The sub-tasks1) involved here are:
    1. Revise the transport-network layer interface
    2. Implement the TCP state machine
Milestone: we should be able to build gPXE with TCP support over IPv4
  • 20 July - Investigate IPv6 support. Discuss the implementation. Sub-tasks are:
    1. Read the relevant RFCs and understand IPv6 requirement thoroughly
    2. Make mofidications to the network interfaces if necessary
    3. Discuss the implementation on E-D
  • 30 July - Implement essential IPv6 support
Milestone: we should be able to build UDP and TCP over IPv6 and test is sucessfully


  • Buffer and wrap-up period. Clean the code. Debug and document it.
Right now, I am not too sure what the exact sub-tasks involved are. I will revise this page as things become more clear.

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