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Project Ideas

On this page we suggest some ideas for projects for Google Summer of Code students. These projects would be coded primarily in C, and would require hardware (a suitable computer and Ethernet/NIC card) to do testing. Some project could be developed using an x86 emulator such as Bochs or QEMU.

Toolchain, Build and Testing Improvements

  • Develop an automated regression test framework and initial suite of tests.
  • Extend gcc's i386 backend to support 16-bit code. This would substantially reduce the size of gPXE's compiled binary, and would increase the range of object code environments for which gcc can be used.
  • Add a new network protocol, such as smb.
  • Implement support for IPv6.

General Improvements to gPXE

  • Port gPXE to a new CPU architecture, e.g. an embedded system. improvements

  • Add a SYSLINUX floppy download option to allow mountable floppy types.

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