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====== Google Summer of Code 2011 ====== [[|Etherboot Project]] is participating in [[|Google Summer of Code in 2011]]. Google has generously sponsored the following 2 students to work with us this summer. ===== Etherboot Project GSoC 2011 Students ===== ==== Matthew Iselin: IPv6 Implementation ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2011:pcmattman1.png |Matthew Iselin}} ^ Quick info ^^ | Timezone | UTC+10 (AEST) | | Work hours | 7 AM to midday or 1 PM (UTC) | | Weekly meeting | Monday 10:30 (UTC)| | Primary mentor | Marty Connor | == Project pages == * [[.:pcmattman:journal:|Journal]] * [[;a=summary|Git Repository]] * [[.:pcmattman:project_plan:|Project Plan]] * [[.:pcmattman:Notes:|Notes]] \\ ---- ==== Thomas Miletich: Device driver development ==== ---- \\ {{ |Thomas Miletich}} ^ Quick info ^^ | Timezone | UTC + 2 (CEST) | | Work hours | ??? | | Weekly meeting | Sun 15:00 UTC | | Primary mentor | Stefan Hajnoczi | == Project pages == * [[.:meteger:journal:|Journal]] * [[;a=summary|Git Repository]] * [[.:meteger:project_plan:|Project Plan]] * [[.:meteger:Notes:|Notes]] \\ ---- ===== Etherboot Project GSoC 2011 Mentors ===== ==== Marty Connor: Project Leader, Etherboot Project ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2008:mdc.jpg |Marty Connor}} Marty Connor is Project Leader of the [[|Etherboot Project]], a globally distributed team of developers and users of innovative network booting technology. He is the creator and maintainer of the [[|]] website which dynamically generates custom gPXE and Etherboot network boot images. Mr. Connor is also CEO of Entity Cyber, Inc., a technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he has advised clients on technology matters for over 20 years. \\ ---- ==== Stefan Hajnoczi: Software Engineer ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2009:stefanha.jpg |Stefan Hajnoczi}} Stefan Hajnoczi has contributed to the [[|Etherboot Project]] and as a former Google Summer of Code student himself, he is motivated to help others enjoy the experience of contributing meaningful work to the open source community. \\ ---- ==== John "Warthog9" Hawley: Linux Foundation, Chief Systems Administrator ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2009:warthog9.jpg?135x155 |John "Warthog9" Hawley}} John "Warthog9" Hawley is a jack of all trades, programmer, sysadmin, crazy man and rabble rouser. Currently working for the [[|Linux Foundation]] on assignment to [[|]] as their Chief Systems Administrator. He's worked on as a primary sysadmin for numerous years, created [[|PXE Knife]] a network & cd bootable cd of useful utilities, maintains a set of [[;a=summary|GeoIP]] based patches for the Bind name server, and probably more random things than he is going to remember. John has exciting commentary on BitTorrent as a distribution mechanism, has been known to disagree strongly with the views of billionaires and cook extravagant meals then subject his friends to "bad" or b-rate movies (some of which even grace the event with clarinet music). \\ ---- ==== H. Peter Anvin: Senior Kernel Engineer, Intel, Inc. ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2008:hpa.jpg |H. Peter Anvin}} H. Peter Anvin has been hacking Linux since 1992. He is the author and maintainer of the [[|SYSLINUX]] suite of bootloaders, part of the Linux kernel x86 architecture maintainer team, and author or maintainer of a large number of Open Source projects, including the Netwide Assembler, klibc and tftp-hpa. He is the founder and president of the Linux Kernel Organization, operators of [[|]], the Linux kernel website. He lives in San Jose, California, and works for Intel, Inc. \\ ----

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