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TCP cleanup

Cleanup TCP close actions

  • Reduce duplicate code by separating tcp_terminate() from tcp_close().
  • Use tcp_terminate to immediately free all tcp resources.
  • Use tcp_close() to bing TCP connection to closing state.
  • Make tcp_close() function simpler, not doing different job in different state.

Trace gPXE boot initialize steps about memory environment setup

  • After recent Michael Brown's [prefix] patch-set:
    • [prefix] Add A20-enabling code in libflat
    • [prefix] Move flatten_real_mode to libflat.S
    • [prefix] Move flatten_real_mode to .text16.early
    • [prefix] Add .text16.early section
    • [prefix] Use flat real mode for access to high memory
    • [prefix] Use flat real mode instead of real mode
  • gPXE now works fully on Flat real mode
  • Which solved the problem that big image relocate failure.
  • We can now safely modify the heap_size as we want. :)

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