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Week 8 [ Mon 12 Jul 2010 - Sun 18 Jul 2010 ]

Day 1 [ Mon 12 Jul 2010 ]

Git commit: a8e9adfd4a8e3775c227a5f8f8138ef9d2a9d922

I started out today by creating a new local branch and removing any non-critical code, constantly comparing what I had with the old driver. Eventually I reached a point where the new driver was very very similar to the old one, yet it still didn't work. I then remembered that Marty suggested that there might be alignment issues. And indeed there were. Using malloc_dma() and an alignment of 32 got the driver working and I finally booted a PXELINUX + DSL combo. Yay :)

Tomorrow I'll post some speed comparisons between the new and the old driver and start cleaning up the code.

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