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====== Google Summer of Code 2009 ====== [[|Etherboot Project]] is participating in [[|Google Summer of Code in 2009]]. The [[:soc:ideas|ideas page]] is the starting point for interested students. Student applications are open March 23, 2009 until April 3, 2009 (see [[|timeline]]). Students should discuss project ideas with the mentors before applying. ===== GSoC 2009 Mentors ===== ==== Marty Connor: Project Leader, Etherboot Project ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2008:mdc.jpg |Marty Connor}} Marty Connor is Project Leader of the [[|Etherboot Project]], a globally distributed team of developers and users of innovative network booting technology. He is the creator and maintainer of the [[|]] website which dynamically generates custom gPXE and Etherboot network boot images. Mr. Connor is also CEO of Entity Cyber, Inc., a technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he has advised clients on technology matters for over 20 years. <html><br clear="all" /></html> \\ \\ ==== Michael Brown: Lead Developer, Etherboot Project ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2008:mcb30.png |Michael Brown}} Michael Brown is the lead developer of the Etherboot Project ( and is responsible for its evolution into gPXE, the current state of the art in network booting. He owns an open-source consultancy business, Fen Systems Ltd., and spends most of his time working on improvements to gPXE for customers across the world. He lives in Cambridge, England, and occasionally wonders what it would be like to have more than 64 kilobytes to play with. <html><br clear="all" /></html> \\ ==== H. Peter Anvin: Senior Kernel Engineer, Intel, Inc. ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2008:hpa.jpg |H. Peter Anvin}} H. Peter Anvin has been hacking Linux since 1992. He is the author and maintainer of the [[|SYSLINUX]] suite of bootloaders, part of the Linux kernel x86 architecture maintainer team, and author or maintainer of a large number of Open Source projects, including the Netwide Assembler, klibc and tftp-hpa. He is the founder and president of the Linux Kernel Organization, operators of [[|]], the Linux kernel website. He lives in San Jose, California, and works for Intel, Inc. <html><br clear="all" /></html> \\ ==== Stefan Hajnoczi: Software Engineer, Transitive (an IBM company) ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2009:stefanha.jpg |Stefan Hajnoczi}} Stefan Hajnoczi is actively involved in the [[|Etherboot Project]], working in and around gPXE. A former Google Summer of Code student himself, he is motivated to help others enjoy the experience of contributing meaningful work to the open source community. He lives in Leeds, UK, and works on cross-platform virtualization software at Transitive. <html><br clear="all" /></html> \\ ==== Shao Miller: Network Analyst ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2009:shao.jpg?135x155 |Shao Miller}} Shao is a network-booting enthusiast who enjoys contributing to, and helping others to use and contribute to gPXE. <html><br clear="all" /></html> \\ ==== John "Warthog9" Hawley: Linux Foundation, Chief Systems Administrator ==== ---- \\ {{:soc:2009:warthog9.jpg?135x155 |John "Warthog9" Hawley}} John "Warthog9" Hawley is a jack of all trades, programmer, sysadmin, crazy man and rabel rouser. Currently working for the [[|Linux Foundation]] on assignment to [[|]] as their Chief Systems Administrator. He's worked on as a primary sysadmin for numerous years, created PXE Knife a network & cd bootable cd of useful utilities, maintains a set of GeoIP based patches for the Bind name server, and probably more random things then he is going to remember. John has exciting commentary on BitTorrent as a distribution mechanism, has been known to disagree strongly with the views of billionaires and cook extravagant meals then subject his friends to "bad" or b-rate movies (some of which even grace the event with clarinet music). <html><br clear="all" /></html> \\ \\

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