Week - 5

Week 5 is not going well for me :-(
Nothing on project front but other fronts are taking lot of time.

Plan for this week

  1. I plan for following things for this week.
  2. to get Ubuntu working in BKO
  3. Add custom script support to rom-o-matic.net code
  4. Design simple interface for BKO which will support static IP embedding in gpxe.

23 - 24 June

  1. Fooling around with Ubuntu to add BKO support. There are two problems.
    1. It is little tricky than what I had expected.
    2. I am not able to give my 100% yet to this problem.

25-26 June

  1. Ubuntu booting tracking UbuntuBKO
  2. Ubuntu booting with BKO is done, but there is some problem of squashfs
  3. It seems there is some timeout happening because of ubuntu is not booting up.
  4. The problem is documented at Ubuntu+BKO booting issues
  5. I am not able to debug it effectively as the problem is not in initrd but when it is booting using actual root filesystem which is mounted over HTTP.
  6. I am stuck here and dont know how to debug it.
  7. I am not sure if this is because of the ISO image size of ubuntu because knoppix is working fine which is having same image size.

27 June

  1. Added embedded script support to rom-o-matic.net. commit here
  2. The plan is to use this embedded scripting support to add BKO support and static ip configuration by uses support on top of it.
  3. I documentations about the method used for this is documented RomOMaticBKO

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