Week - 12

10-11 Aug

  1. Worked on testing and fixing small bugs in debian over iscsi
  2. Tests show that it works fine as long as the round trip delay is within some bounds, else it throws connection timeout errors
  3. The performance comparison between httpfs and iscsi show that iscsi is 3x faster.
  4. Received the patch for pxelinux.0 from rwrc which will pass dns entry to kernel.

12-13 Aug

  1. Getting ubuntu boot over iscsi
  2. Added rescue shell option to debian.
    1. This option can be activated by appending keyword rescuebreak in kernel parameters
    2. It will give you sh shell when it is done with mounting root partition.
    3. This option is primarily for developers who want to explore the invironment at this stage of booting.
    4. When user is done with this exploration, he/she can use exit command to continue the normal boot process.
  3. Added rescue shell to Ubantu also,
    1. But this did not worked well as Ubuntu initramfs does something wired with standard intput and output that I dont understand :-(
    2. Even simple echo statements don't come on the console.
    3. There are some log_begin_msg, log_end_msg functions that are used in initramfs, but I have not yet properly explored them, So I dont know how they work.

14 - 15 Aug

  1. Adding knoppix-6 to BKO
    1. I tried for knoppix-6 DVD as warthog had suggested, but DVD version is available only for knoppix-5. I am not sure if that version will use cpio, so planning to stick with Knoppix-6 CD version.
    2. First, knoppix-6 booting with httpfs will be added.
    3. Then it will be extended to iscsifs support.
  2. Knoppix-6 is now working with httpfs, but startx is not working. It gives some error and fails.

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