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Pravin (less1): - Universal remote network booting for the masses


Currently I am keeping all my logs at
I will shift it here as and when I get time.

May 22

  1. Get QEMU + PXE working. QemuPxe – Done.
  2. Get QEMU + PXE + HTTP working QemuPxe – Done .
  3. Get QEMU + PXEKnife working. QemuPxeKnife – Done

May 23

  1. Get QEMU + PXEKnife + HTTP working. QemuPxeKnifeHTTP – Finally done :-)

Finally Online PXEKnife over HTTP pxeknifeOverHttp
Site address

Exam break

To check out

  1. Checkout httpfs, may be it can be used to mount file-system from server

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