Windows 7 install to iSCSI


Install a Windows 7 operating system on an iSCSI target.

DUT configuration

No physical disks present. System configured to boot from NIC equipped with gPXE ROM.

Environment configuration

iSCSI target running IETD. DHCP server providing network configuration and iSCSI root-path.


Success is defined as reaching the Windows graphical login screen.

Detailed test procedure

  • Windows 7 (RC) DVD
  • iscsitarget
iSCSI target setup

Create an empty, sparse ~10GB disk image (TODO: this could probably be smaller).

dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/img/file.img bs=1000 count=0 seek=10000000

Write a new Target entry in /etc/ietd.conf:

        Lun 0 Path=/files/temp/win7iscsi.img

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