June 1, vacation.

June 2, Meeting with Marty. After a very slow start, I feel confident in this meeting. Marty and I spoke for just under an hour about where I am, where I am headed, and how to get there. For the first time ever, I successfully compiled gPXE. A good start.

June 3, After some trials and tribulations, I successfully booted a vmware installation and chain-booted off of an internet test image. So far so good. I also spent some time locating a skge nic. Located.

June 4, Not much new news… I did though manage to get a test PC ready. It consists of an x86 chip, mainboard, psu, ram, a DGE-530T dlink NIC, and a random other nic. I dont yet have the db9:db9 cable yet, but I'll pick one up before I get home tomorrow.

June 5, Network booting: working. I have deployed a DHCP and tftp server on my lan and booted of the RTL network card in that PC. I used the OEM pxe loader to boot gPXE and then chained to the internet test url. :)

I also picked up the db9:db9 null modem cable and have that ready to go.

June 6. Finally started writing something. Marty showed me how to get around git and I created a new personal repository and a few files; skge.c and skge.h. Both files have some moderate contents now and I believe a skeleton driver is mostly ready to go.

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