Chris Kluka: Network driver development

Journal Week 1

Prior to week 1: Before week one began, I constructed a basic environment for the development to take place over the following weeks. This entailed:

- Existing components on one box were consolodated into another box (approx 2 hours) - System was format-reinstalled with ubuntu. This system is to be the host 'booting' server and where I will be developing code. I also prepared a local git repository, configured port forwarding for SSH and created user accounts for myself. (approx 4 hours). - Once everything was electronicly ready, I chopped the head off of this box and put it back into my server rack and connected it back into my kvm. (Picture to be included)

May 25 Today I began by searching for information specific to the DGE-530T's implementation. I will be spending most of this week and the first three days of next week simply gathering information and hopefully finding out all I will need to know about the operation and functionality of this device.

Findings to be posted in the notes section.

May 26, May 27, May 28 Not much completed unfortunately… Off to a very slow start.

May 29, 30. More progress, I have located minimal additional information.

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