Stefan Hajnoczi: GDB Remote Debugging

Week 9


  • [b44] Tested and clean for mainline review.

Mon 21 Jul

Git commit:

Committed switch from uhmalloc to hmalloc. For the DMA mapping work, I reused umalloc's memory allocator and called it uhmalloc. After discussion with mcb30 and mdc, it turned out that the malloc allocator is better suited. This commit rips out uhmalloc and rewrites DMA mapping to use malloc's allocator.

Tue 22 Jul

Git commit:

I've been busy most of the day since I'll be travelling tomorrow. HPA informed me of a bug in the updated bzImage work I did. Luckily the source of the bug was already identified, I simply needed to change the hardcoded initrd_addr_max value in arch/i386/prefix/lkrnprefix.S.

Fri 25 Jul

Git commit:

DMA mapping work continues. I'm reworking things from all sides hmalloc, dma_mapping, and b44. Hopefully it will converge soon :-).

Sun 27 Jul

The Roundup issue tracker is close to ready. Mdc and I have spent some time setting up the Roundup issue tracker to improve our grasp on patches and bugs.

Currently we suffer the problem that patches are easily forgotten on the mailing list if the developers are busy. An issue tracker provides a better overview of outstanding patches that need to be reviewed.

Bug reports are also streamlined by the new system. This will be especially useful in the coming months as becomes more visible and new users try it.

Next week

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