Daniel Verkamp: COMBOOT Support


Week 1

25-26 May 2008

  • Allow COMBOOT images to return via INT 20h - save the (far) return address during exec, then save the old stack address in the PSP, so in INT 20h handler, just change back to old stack and do RETF
  • Handle other termination API functions (INT 21h, AH=00h and AH=4Ch) - call INT 20h handler
  • Handle INT 21h, AH=09h (Write DOS String to Console) and AH=30h (Check DOS Version)

29 May 2008

  • Add beginning of SYSLINUX AX=0001h (get version) and AX=0003h (run command)
  • Run command function was looping on itself (comboot executable ran again when “boot” executed?), so did similar “unregister image while running” like image/script.c

30 May 2008

  • Meeting with mdc

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