Balaji Rao: USB Support Project


Week 5

Sunday, June 30th

Cleaning up of dm9601 source code. Debugged for hours to fix the linker table problem. But the fix was just a small line in the Makefile. But its a temporary solution. Looking forward to talking to Miachel about this.

Commits : dm9601 code cleanup dm9601 tx code simplification

Thursday, June 26th

Cleaned up fully, the UHCI driver to include proper error handling along all control flow paths.

Commits : Source code cleanup Source code cleanup

Wednesday, June 25th

Began cleaning up the UHCI controller source code to include proper error handling. Wrote a document that describes the design of the UHCI driver.

Tuesday, June 24th

Wrote a driver for a USB Ethernet adapter. Its called pegasus. Only the tx part works at the moment. I also wrote a blog entry on snooping USB traffic.

Commit : pegasus device driver

Monday, June 23rd

Removed FSBR as suggested by mcb30. To compensate for that the TD's DEPTH flag is set so that the TDs of a particular urb are processed first in a depth first fashion.

Began porting a USB driver for Belkin F5D5050 USB Ethernet from the linux kernel.


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