Balaji Rao: USB Support Project


Week 4

Friday, Jun 20th

whole day spent in optimizing performance. Looking at the timing calculations, I realised that I had omitted a trick that enabled full speed bandwidth reclamation. (FSBR). After enabling it, QEMU becomes notoriously slow. trying it on bare metal I got a speed of ~425 KB/s! That's good :)

Thursday, Jun 19th

First of all, I apologize to all who've been following my journal on a regular basis. I could not keep it updated because I was totally disconnected from the internet for almost 3 days now. There's very good progress this week. I've been actually able to boot from my USB NIC from within QEMU and even on bare metal. The download speed is *very* slow, about 30 KB/s on qemu and 50 KB/s on bare metal (with lots of debugging output on the screen). I hope it will certainly improve after some optimizations which I shall begin trying now. So here's a screenshot of QEMU booting from my HTTP server located in my LAN at

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