Balaji Rao: USB Support Project


Week 0

May 25th

Completely studied the Linux Kernel source code on how outbound data is sent to the device. The things remaining are - Device detection and configuration and handling completed USB requests. Also, I need to begin thinking of creating software interfaces for various layers in the USB stack. We could probably avoid including Isochronous data transfer type. This should simplify a lot of things, especially we can do away with bandwidth calculation and things. So the main aim now is to handle Bluk, Control and interrupt transfer types very well. Coding begins tomorrow. I'm excited!

May 20th

Wrote a brief document on how the USB and the host controller operate. mcb30 asked me to write it in more detail. Started studying the Linux kernel source code to understand various data structures and to learn in exact detail how it works. Its good to read from an implementation than read the specification.

May 19th

Journal created. Spoke to mcb30 and mdc on IRC and began to make notes about how USB works at a hardware level. Notes on that are here.

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