Google Summer of Code 2007

Etherboot Project participated in Google Summer of Code in 2007. Google generously sponsored 4 students to work on the following projects:

Alexey Zaytsev: Port gPXE to ARM architecture

Alexey Zaytsev worked on a port of gPXE to the ARM architecture for Intel IXP42X-based systems.

Daniel Verkamp: 16-bit i386 backend for gcc

Daniel Verkamp worked to enable gcc to produce 16-bit i386 code, which some parts of Etherboot need.

Udayan Kumar: Porting Etherboot drivers to gPXE

Udayan Kumar updated legacy Etherboot drivers to use the new gPXE API.

Holger Lubitz: Reducing Code Size

Holger Lubitz worked on reducing code size.

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