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Windows XP boot from SAN

Windows XP supports booting from an AoE SAN or from an iSCSI SAN. You cannot install directly to the SAN target, because neither the XP network drivers, nor the WinAoE driver, nor the iSCSI drivers are loaded by XP's setup; you must first install Windows XP to a physical disk.


Start by installing Windows XP to a physical disk. It is best to use an external USB, FireWire, or eSATA disk; this will make later stages easier.

When installing, use a small partition (around 4GB) rather than the whole disk. At the partitioning screen:

Windows XP setup

press C to create a partition and enter 4096 as the size (in MB). You should then see a screen that looks like:

Windows XP after partitioning

You can now press Enter to install Windows XP to this partition. The rest of the installation will proceed as normal.

Preparation for SAN boot

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