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====== Windows XP boot from SAN ====== Windows XP supports booting from an AoE SAN. You cannot install directly to the SAN target; you must first install Windows XP to a physical disk. ===== Installation ===== Start by installing Windows XP to a physical disk. It is best to use an external USB, FireWire, or eSATA disk; this will make later stages easier. When installing, use a small partition (around 4GB) rather than the whole disk. At the partitioning screen: {{screenshots:winxp_setup.png?360x198|Windows XP setup}} press **C** to create a partition and enter **4096** as the size (in MB). You should then see a screen that looks like: {{screenshots:winxp_setup_partitioned.png?360x198|Windows XP after partitioning}} You can now press Enter to install Windows XP to this partition. The rest of the installation will proceed as normal. ===== Preparation for SAN boot ===== You are now ready to * [[sanboot:winnt_aoe|Add AoE boot support to Windows XP]]

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