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Adding iSCSI boot support to Microsoft Windows

You need to install the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator Boot Version. This is not the standard Microsoft iSCSI Initiator; you do need the special boot-capable version. At the time of writing, this is available in four versions:

You almost certainly want the -x86chk version, unless you are running 64-bit Windows (in which case you want the -x64chk version).

Download and install the boot-capable iSCSI initiator. Do not install the optional “Microsoft MPIO Multipathing Support for iSCSI”, since this is incompatible with iSCSI boot.

Deselecting MPIO support

Make sure to enable the “Configure iSCSI Network Boot Support” option, and to select the network card that will be used for iSCSI boot.

Selecting boot NIC

After installation is complete, reboot the system and check that it boots up correctly.

You are now ready to:

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