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====== Adding AoE boot support to Microsoft Windows ====== ===== Installing the AoE initiator ===== You need to download and install the Windows AoE initiator (WinAoE). Download the latest WinAoE package from [[]] and extract the contents of the .zip file to a temporary directory. Start up the Add Hardware Wizard (//Start// -> //Control Panel// -> //Add Hardware//) and proceed to the "Is the hardware connected?" screen: {{ winaoe:winaoe03.png }} Click on "Yes, I have already connected the hardware", then click on //Next//. {{ winaoe:winaoe04.png }} Scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose "Add a new hardware device", then click on //Next//. {{ winaoe:winaoe05.png }} Click on "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)", then click on //Next//. {{ winaoe:winaoe06.png }} Choose "SCSI and RAID controllers", then click on //Next//. {{ winaoe:winaoe07.png }} Click on "Have Disk...". {{ winaoe:winaoe08.png }} Click on "Browse...". Browse to the directory containing the extracted WinAoE files, then to the //bin// directory within this directory. Click on "OK". You should see "AoE Driver" show up in a list of available drivers to install: {{ winaoe:winaoe09.png }} Continue clicking on //Next// until the installation process is complete. You will see a warning about the driver being unsigned: {{ winaoe:winaoe11.png }} Ignore this warning and click on "Continue Anyway" to complete the installation of the AoE initiator. ===== Identifying the network service name ===== Open up the System Properties (//Start// -> //Control Panel// -> //System//) and go to the //Hardware// tab. Click on "Device Manager". {{ winaoe:winaoe14.png }} Locate your network card within the device list. Right-click on your network card and choose "Properties". {{ winaoe:winaoe15.png }} Go to the //Details// tab and choose "Service" from the drop-down menu. Make a note of the network card service name ("E1000" in the above example). ===== Enabling network boot ===== Start up Registry Editor (//Start// -> //Run// -> //regedit//) and browse to the key //HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services//. {{ winaoe:winaoe16.png }} Click on the network card service key ("E1000" in this example), then double-click on "Start" in the right-hand panel. {{ winaoe:winaoe17.png }} Change the //Value data// to 0 and click on //OK//. NOTE: If you are using a Nvidia network card, you may have to use the RIS drivers or set the "Start" to 0 for the nvnetbus service as well. You are now ready to * [[sanboot:transfer|Transfer the Microsoft Windows disk image to your AoE target]]

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