Exporting disk image files via SRP on Linux

Installing the SRP target software

You need to download and install the Generic SCSI Target Subsystem for Linux (SCST) from http://scst.sourceforge.net/downloads.html. Building and installing this software is outside the scope of this document.

Adding an SRP target image

To add a disk image file as an SRP target, you need to add the following four lines to /etc/scst.conf:

  [HANDLER vdisk]
  DEVICE srpboot,/path/to/image/file.img,,512
  [ASSIGNMENT Default]
  DEVICE srpboot,0

where /path/to/image/file.img is the path to your disk image file.

Reload the SCST configuration:

  /etc/init.d/scst reload

and check that the SRP target is visible:

  ibsrpdm && ibsrpdm -c

You should see something like

  IO Unit Info:
      port LID:        0001
      port GID:        fe800000000000000002c9030001c65b
      change ID:       0100
      max controllers: 0x10
      controller[  1]
          GUID:      0002c9030001c65a
          vendor ID: 000002
          device ID: 006732
          IO class : 0100
          ID:        SCST SRP target
          service entries: 1
              service[  0]: 0002c9030001c65a / SRP.T10:0002c9030001c65a

Make a note of the SRP target parameters id_ext, ioc_guid, dgid and service_id. You are now ready to

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