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====== Required tools ====== ''sys'' utility source code from ''makebootfat'' from ''freedos odin image'' from ====== Preparing the environment ====== Unpack and build the latest ''makebootfat'' release. The source directory contains the file ''mbrfat.bin'' which will be installed as MBR to the target disk. You could use any other bootloader, or just ''install-mbr'' from ''mbr'' package of your distribution. The source code of ''sys'' utility from FreeDOS contains the needed FreeDOS Bootsectors. Unpack it and find the files * fat12.bin * fat16.bin * fat32lba.bin Get the ''kernel.sys'' and '''' files from the freedos image. These files shall not be moved on the target filesystem since they have a special location. Loop-mount the freedos image and get the files from there. You probably want to include some of the other files at later point. ====== Prepare the target device ====== From your san storage export a LUN and get it to the workstation you have the tools on. The target should be exported with 512 byte block size. Once you have the device in place, create the filesystem. **Example command:** \\ '' ./makebootfat -v \ \\ -o /dev/sdb \ \\ -E 255 \ \\ -1 fat12.bin \ \\ -2 fat16.bin \ \\ -3 fat32lba.bin \ \\ -m mbrfat.bin \ \\ -c kernel.sys \ \\ -c \ \\ image''

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