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====== Debian etch ====== ===== Preparing an existing installation for iSCSI ===== You can either work with an installation on - a physical disk on a client machine or - a ''chroot(8)'' environment operating on a loopback-mounted disk image Install the ''open-iscsi'' package. apt-get install open-iscsi Since two fundamental tools from open-iscsi are not included in the debian package, they have to be compiled from the sources with the following steps (i have used a different machine for all the compilation stuff). Install the appropriate devel packages: apt-get build-dep open-iscsi apt-get install libdb4.3-dev Download the sources and compile them: wget (this is the latest tarball at this time) tar xzf open-iscsi-2.0-865.13.tar.gz cd open-iscsi-2.0-865.13 make -C usr make -C utils/fwparam_ibft The two files needed are ''usr/iscsistart'' and ''utils/fwparam_ibft/fwparam_ibft'' so they have to be copied in ''/usr/sbin'',

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