Exporting disk images via AoE

Installing the AoE target software

If you do not have dedicated AoE target hardware, you will need to install the vblade package. Most distros seem to provide this package; if yours doesn't then you can download the source for the latest version from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=130453&package_id=143790.

Adding an AoE target image

To add a disk image file as an AoE target, you need to add a single line to /etc/vblade.conf:

  ethX N M /path/to/image/file.img

where ethX is the network device via which you want to serve the image, /path/to/image/file.img is the path to the disk image file, and N M is a unique AoE shelf:slot number within your network. (If this is the only AoE target disk you are setting up, just use 0 0.)

The AoE target name for this disk image is


where N and M are the shelf and slot numbers you specified in /etc/vblade.conf. For example, if your /etc/vblade.conf line reads

  eth2 0 0 /var/lib/images/win2k3.img

then the AoE target name is


Make a note of this AoE target name. You are now ready to

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