QEMU option ROM

Building the ROM image

Check which network adapter is configured for the VM.

Here are the adapters supported by QEMU 0.11.0 [from a QEMU on Fedora 12 (i686) installation]:

QEMU NIC 'model' PCI Vendor ID PCI Device ID Mfr Name Device Name Notes
rtl8139 10ECh 8139h Realtek RTL8139C+ Fast Ethernet Adapter Default in QEMU v0.11.0
ne2k_pci 10ECh 8029h Realtek RTL-8029(AS) Default in prior versions?
i82551 8086h 1209h Intel 82551ER/IT Fast Ethernet
i82557b 8086h 1229h Intel 82557 10/100Mbps Ethernet
i82559er 8086h 1209h Intel 82559ER Fast Ethernet
pcnet 1022h 2000h AMD AM79C970 Ethernet Adapter
e1000 8086h 100Eh Intel 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Ctrlr
virtio 1AF4h 1000h virtio Virtio Network Interface

Build the appropriate ROM image:

cd gpxe/src
make bin/10ec8029.rom  # for ns8390 10ec:8029

Running QEMU

The -option-rom command-line option tells QEMU to use the gPXE ROM:

qemu -option-rom /path/to/10ec8029.rom /dev/null

This example runs a default VM with no disks and allows you to press Ctrl+B to enter gPXE.

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