gPXE ARM Port Time Line

July week 2

Rewrite the timer subsystem, update the i386 and ixp4xx timers.

July week 3

Code to pass configuration tags to the Linux kernel.
Make the Linux kernel boot.
Teach the bImage prefix to preserve the tags passed from the previous boot loader.

July week 4

Separate out the platform-dependent configuration.
Start the code refactoring.

August week 1

Finish with the code refactoring.
Separate the infrastructure changes.
Separate the sub-architecture changes.
Ask mcb30 to pull.

Now insert a two-week vacation at a random location.
If not on time, you are able to combine two weeks work
into one using the emergency take-a-vacation-from-the-other-work ability.

August week X

More drivers for the Integrator board.

If time is left, insert August week X at an appropriate location.

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