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====== Create an appliance running OpenWRT serving gpxelinux.0 ====== Edit the file /etc/init.d/dnsmasq to add the right location and arguments: start() { include /lib/network scan_interfaces config_load /var/state/network config_load dhcp # args="" args=" --enable-tftp --tftp-root=/mnt/usbdrive --dhcp-boot=/mnt/usbdrive/pxelinux.0" Then type the following commands on the command line: root@OpenWrt:~# uci set dhcp.dnsmasq.enable_tftp=1 root@OpenWrt:~# uci set dhcp.dnsmasq.tftp_root=/mnt/usbdrive root@OpenWrt:~# uci set dhcp.dnsmasq.dhcp_boot=/mnt/usbdrive/pxelinux.0 root@OpenWrt:~# uci commit dhcp root@OpenWrt:~# /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart ====== Todo ====== * Rewrite this howto with more precision (step by step) * Provide a binary version of pxelinux.0 * Mention which version of Kamikaze was used * Make an ipk package with gpxelinux.0 inside ====== Links ====== * [ Ucified PXE-Boot options for dnsmasq] * [ OpenWRT forum: Preparing for PXE boot using dnsmasq]

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