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====== Preparing Windows Server 2003 for iSCSI boot ====== These instructions assume that you have an installation of Windows Server 2003 on a local hard disk. We will make this installation iSCSI-boot-capable, then copy it to a remote iSCSI target and boot from it. {{ iscsiboot/msconnect.png?413x313|Microsoft Connect download page}} If you have not yet applied Service Pack 2 or higher, you will need to install hotfix KB902113, available via Note that this hotfix cannot be downloaded directly; it must be requested from Microsoft Product Support Services. It's probably easier to install Service Pack 2. You will also need to install the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator Boot Version. You must obtain this from by signing up with the invitation code ms-8RR8-6K43. This is **not** the standard Microsoft iSCSI Initiator; you do need the special boot-capable version. Reboot after installing, and check that the system comes up correctly. You can now proceed to [[iscsiboot#Transferring the operating system image to an iSCSI target]].

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