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====== Preparing Windows Server 2003 for iSCSI boot ====== These instructions assume that you have an installation of Windows Server 2003 on a local hard disk. We will make this installation iSCSI-boot-capable, then copy it to a remote iSCSI target and boot from it. If you have not yet applied Service Pack 2 or higher, you will need to install hotfix KB902113, available via Note that this hotfix cannot be downloaded directly; it must be requested from Microsoft Product Support Services. It's probably easier to install Service Pack 2. You will also need to install the boot-capable Microsoft iSCSI Initiator. You must obtain this from by signing up with the invitation code ms-8RR8-6K43. This is **not** the standard Microsoft iSCSI Initiator; you need the boot-capable version. Reboot after installing, and check that the system comes up correctly. You can now proceed to [[iscsiboot#Transferring the operating system image to an iSCSI target]].

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