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Hardware Issues

This page contains some issues that people had while using gpxe.

3Com 3C905-TX Card

This card is known to not support gpxe while using the MBA v4.0.


gPXE loads, negociate the link speed but the DHCP doesn't grab any valid adress even if the DHCP server make an offer. This is due to a buggy PXE rom, this usually happens on the MBA (Master Boot Agent) v4.0.

How to Fix

3com deliver a firmware upgrade and can be downloaded here. This file have to be decompressed and run in a real dos mode.

Then run mbaflash.exe

If you don't have any dos system or floppy (this become more & more rare theses days), you can use this floppy disk image. Then add an entry in your pxelinux configuration file like :

LABEL flash
 KERNEL memdisk
 APPEND dos.img

The dos.img file must be put, in this example, at the root path of your tftp server.

Then boot your PXE and call the flash entry. The freedos environment loads and then call mbaflash.exe

After upgrading

The MBA version is now upgraded to v4.30, gpxe can now be loaded.

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