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Using git for gPXE development


During development, you will be working with three git repositories:

  • The master project repository
  • Your local working repository
  • Your personal public repository

You will edit code in your local working repository. As applicable, you should push changes from your local working repository to your personal public repository. This allows us to see your code.

You will occasionally need to pull changes from the master project repository, in order to keep your local working repository up to date with the main gPXE codebase.

When your code is ready to be merged into the main gPXE codebase, we will pull from your personal public repository.

Background/Useful reading

There are numerous sources for documentation and tutorials about git usage.

Setting up your repositories

Local repo

Start by downloading the source tree as per the instructions on the Download page:

  git-clone git://

This will create your local working repository.

Public repo:

Add a link to your personal public repository:

  cd gpxe
  git-remote add personal git+ssh://

where USERNAME is your username on

Make sure that your personal public repository is up to date:

  git-push personal

Public repo: other

Several other sites offer a place to store a free public git repository. Two such sites are GitHub and

Example workflow

This example shows you the various stages of creating code and publishing it.

Start by creating a branch to work in:

  cd gpxe/src
  git-checkout -b mywork origin/master
  git-push personal mywork

Edit and commit some files:

  emacs drivers/net/mydriver.c
  git-commit drivers/net/mydriver.c

Publish your changes:

  git-push personal

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