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Howto use gPXE with the Asus Eeepc 900

  1. Compile undi.usb:
     cd gpxe.git/src; make bin/undi.usb 

    Or if you are lazzy download a binary version here.

  2. Copy it to a USB key (your key is seen as sdc by linux, change it in function of yours):
     dd if=bin/undi.usb of=/dev/sdc 
  3. Put the USB key in one slot of the Eeepc
  4. Go to the BIOS settings at boot (press F2 at the BIOS)
  • Go to the “Boot” tab
  • Check if the “Onboard LAN Boot ROM” is [Enabled]
  • Go to the “Hard Disk Drives” menu and put the [USB:1G USB2.0Flash] device as the “1st Drive” with the + button and press Esc to go back to the previous menu
  • Go to the “Boot Device Priority” menu and put the [USB:1G USB2.0Flash] as the “1st Boot Device”
  • Go to the “Exit” tab and press “Exit & Save Changes” by answering “OK” to this question.
  1. Then the Eeepc should be able to boot on the USB key.
  2. While it starts, type Ctrl-B to get a shell and try
    dhcp net0

    , it should give you an IP address if you have a DHCP server on your network.

  3. Then try to load a linux kernel (it can takes up to 2 minutes, be patient)

    and then type


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