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===== Documentation for Etherboot users ===== ==== General EtherBoot information==== ---- * [[scenario|Introduction: A typical network boot scenario]], including explanations for new users * [[troubleshooting|Troubleshooting FAQ]] * [[eb_imagetypes|EtherBoot image types explanation]] * [[filename_specification|How to specify which boot file to load]] ==== Putting Etherboot into ROM chips or Motherboard BIOS ==== ---- * [[burningroms|Burning ROM chips]] * [[realtek8139roms|More specific: for Realtek 8139 NICs]] * [[biosmodule|Putting EtherBoot into your BIOS]] ==== Various Booting Configurations === ---- === Linux Related === ---- * [[lilowithetherboot|Using LILO with EtherBoot]] * [[|PXELINUX]] === Etherboot as a PXE Boot ROM === ---- * [[pxe|Using EtherBoot as a PXE boot rom]] * [[pxe2ndstage|Using EtherBoot as a PXE 2nd-stage-loader]] === Virtual Machine / Emulator Usage === ---- * [[vmware|How to use EtherBoot in a VMware virtual machine]] * [[vmwarebios|How to use EtherBoot as ROM in the VMware BIOS / EtherBoot ROM in VMware's and Bochs' network cards]] * [[bochs|How to use EtherBoot with Bochs]] === MEMDISK === ---- * [[bootingmemdisk|Booting Memdisk]] * [[disklessdos|Diskless MS-DOS (and compatibles)]] * [[disklesswin98|Diskless Windows 98]] === Windows Related === ---- * [[windowsntloader|Loading EtherBoot from a Windows 2000/XP NT loader]] * [[msris|Using EtherBoot with Microsofts Remote Installation Services (RIS)]] === FreeBSD === ---- * [[freebsd|Booting FreeBSD]] ==== Miscellaneous Topics ==== ---- * [[aoe|ATA-over-Ethernet (experimental)]] * [[twodhcpservers|Having more than one DHCP-server on a network]] * [[multicast|Multicast protocol support (slam/tftp-multicast)]] * [[safebootmode|Experimental SafeBootMode cryptographic boot image check]] === Preparing Etherboot Network Bootable Images with mknbi for Etherboot === ---- NBI or Network Boot Image format is a legacy format which wraps operating system images (such as Linux Kernels) in a wrapper, which makes it possible for Etherboot ot load the images directly. This is not needed for PXE and PXELINUX booting, and is not recommended for new users. For new users, we recommend using [[|PXELINUX]] * [[mknbi|mknbi utility description and manpage]] ==== Developer information ==== ---- * [[dev:devmanual|A somewhat dated Etherboot Developers' manual (does not cover recent versions of Etherboot, or gPXE]] * [[dev:todo|A Developer Todo List]]

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