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Contributing to the Etherboot Project

Etherboot is a volunteer project. Many kind people have contributed in various ways, see the acknowledgements. You can help in various ways:

  • Improve the documentation. Edit the wiki or send us changes if you feel something is missing or can be improved.
  • Try different variations on configurations and software. Send us the documentation or a link to your Web page when you have succeeded, of course. Here is a list of things that have been suggested if you want some ideas.
  • Spread the word about network booting wherever you see a situation which could use the technique.
  • Write articles about your experiences with applications of netbooting for conferences, journals or e-zines.
  • Contribute any related software which can be put into contrib/.
  • Write drivers for more cards. See the Developers Manual for instructions.
  • Offer to make EPROMs for people needing them
  • Develop useful features and submit patches to the developers' mailing list. It will certainly help to be familiar with Staging to understand the review and merge process.

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