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Commercial Links

This listing is provided only as a service to help users locate providers and does not constitute endorsement of the services or products by the Etherboot project.

If you wish to be listed on this page, please contact me.

Licensing and Distribution

Remember that Etherboot is under the GNU Public License (GPL). This means that if you distribute binaries, e.g. in the form of ROMs, you are required to provide the source to the recipient on request. Please read the file COPYING for the full license but, in short, if you have not modified the source, you can easily satisfy this requirement by providing a hyperlink to the download page of the Etherboot web site, and stating the version number that you are supplying.

Note that distributing the Etherboot binary aggregated on a storage medium with other programs, e.g. as an extension BIOS in a BIOS chip, does not constitute linking with the other program and does not make that other program fall under the GPL. So if you distribute BIOSes, have no fear that distributing Etherboot this way will require distributing your BIOS under the GPL.

Linux-CD Argentina offers Etherboot PROMs and complete NICs with Etherboot PROMs.

WTware of Saint-Petersburg, Russia sells Etherboot PROMs and develops RDP diskless software client.

GPL Service in France says: Most of the work stations we use boot with etherboot (other use PXE) This is surely the easiest way to maintain a small office. We can provide support to install such configuration.

Gunter Knauf from Germany sells Etherboot PROMs.

Martin Herweg from Germany sells Etherboot PROMs and complete NICs with Etherboot PROMs.

DisklessWorkstations offer diskless workstations, Etherboot PROMs, pretested NICs, and related services.

Shaolin Micro uses Etherboot in ShaoLin Aptus which is a middle-ware for Linux servers to provide remote service and diskless workstations.

Integrity Linux Systems provides a seamless integrated diskless workstation Client/Server product using their GNU diskless client software tools based on Etherboot and RedHat Linux. This has been well accepted at Los Alamos Nat. Laboratories for secure computing environment.

Proex Solutions Pvt. Ltd. of Pune, India, provides Linux solutions with Diskless Linux Boxes and Network Cards for Corporates, NGOs, and Schools.

Audax provides thin client workstations and boot ROMs based upon Etherboot. They can build thin clients with bootable LAN cards or just supply the LAN card with ROM.

Inprimis Technologies is a contract engineering house that specialises in set-top boxes. They use Etherboot in-house.

LinuXpert Systems provides Linux diskless workstation solutions based on Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) and using Etherboot PROMs under the GPL to Corporations, Academic Institutions, and NGOs.

Jon de Mesquita offers to burn EPROMs for people in the Dallas area as time permits.

Boox computers in Yugoslavia sell diskless workstations that use Etherboot.

Automated Control Products use Etherboot in their thin client factory automation products.

One supplier of a kit for an EPROM programmer.

Bootix make commercial TCP/IP boot ROMs.

3Com - MBA Utility Disks and Flash Upgrades

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