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Burning EPROMs using willem based programmers.

Shopping List

You will need:

  • PC with a IBM parallel port
  • Willem based programmer
  • Power supply (optional, see below)
  • EPROM, UV or electronic erasable
  • Network card with a ROM socket or ROM-card so you can use/test your new burned EPROM
  • Operating system that can run Windows 32bit programs
  • Programmer software (look on your programmers homepage)



Connect your programmer to your computer and a power supply.

“I would recommend that you use a external power supply, a wall wart, instead of USB when given the choice. My experience is that EPROMs needs more power than USB can provide” — Pär Moberg

An erased EPROM


Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

Extract/install the programmer software and start programming


Install Wine


Wine is usually included in the packet repository of your distribution but the latest development releases for the big dists can be found at with good instructions.

Wine prefix

A wine prefix is usefull to make for the programmer software since its needs is quite specific. It will be needed to run in Win9x mode and not in a WinNT/NT derivative mode. It also need a registry hack.

“In this tutorial I will be using the folder EPROM under my home directory to setup wine” — Pär Moberg

First make a folder and go to it in a terminal window
Now, to make Wine aware of that this is a prefix we need to export this directory to environment as WINEPREFIX
And to check that it worked
Should return the full path-name of your folder.

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