[gPXE] Cramming two drivers into one ROM?

Juan Belmonte jbmbhs at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 03:29:08 EDT 2010


I would like to take one step further.
Can we do using ROM-O-Matic web tool?

I'm very thankful to the ROM-O-Matic web tool. This makes possible gPXE
testing and even deployment to people like I that doesn't have a linux
permanent machine with development enviroment and/or enough linux skills.

Juan Belmonte

2010/11/6 Huan Truong <hnt7438 at truman.edu>

> Hi everyone --
> I'm running into another tough problem. Initially I used to netboot by
> 3com 100Mbps cards.
> As I was advancing on gPXE, I realized that I can flash the Boot ROM to
> the Option ROM area of the BIOS to make the gigabit LAN-On-Motherboard
> work without the need for 3com cards. However, flashing the Option ROM
> on my Dell stations -- while it works -- it is too dangerous, as my
> Dells don't have a backup BIOS chip or anything to recover from a bad
> BIOS flash. So I decided to have 3com 905 cards to serve as dummy
> ROM-carriers for my gigabit LOM. It works, but there is one
> inconvenience about it is that doing so will make the 3com cards not
> self-hosting -- they can't boot by themselves anymore, but have to
> depend on something else to boot.
> I wonder if I can cram both the driver for the 3com card and the driver
> for the Gigabit LOM (tg3) into one ROM file. This would make the 3com
> cards self-hosting (if no compatible LOM is found). Anyone has done that
> -- if that's at all possible. I'm willing to apply some hacks, but gPXE
> makefile is kind of too big and confusing to me.
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Un saludo

Juan Belmonte
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