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Week 4 (June 13 to June 20)

Day 1 (June 13)

Today was a public holiday in Queensland. I used the day to recover from the sickness over the weekend.

I talked to Guo-Fu about DHCPv6 - I'll be implementing it this week.

I'm beginning to realise I might want to make soliciting a prefix an operation that returns a status code. This way the caller can determine whether or not a DHCPv6 request needs to be made to find information such as DNS nameservers or whether to attempt a complete address solicit via DHCPv6. That way there's only one command to run (“ipv6”, possibly to be renamed soon) instead of two or three for unusual network configurations.

Day 2 (June 14)

Set up some distcc hosts today to get a bit of a boost in recompile time. Every second counts :). The key is that I booted a Debian installer netboot via IPv6 in gPXE on my local network, and it seems to have gone off without a hitch. It's nice to see it all working so well “out of the box”, so to speak.

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